Cookie policy

We use cookies on the Website. It means that a small file is installed on your electronic device so that we can provide you with better experience and services by distinguishing you from other users. 

How can you control Cookies used by the Website?

You can use the “Setting” or the “Help” tab in your browser to control the use of cookies and manage it. Here is how to do it in the popular browsers: 

The Cookies are used to collect the users’ data such as IP address in anonymised form, device type, screen size, country, chosen language, operating system, browser information, internet and mobile service providers, the pages you visit, and other information about your behaviour on the Website.

Classification of Cookies.

Category Description
Strictly necessary cookies. The use of this category of cookies is necessary to enable you to use the features of the Website and access its secure areas.
Performance cookies This category of cookies is used to gather information about the visitors’ behaviour on the Website. They help us understand which pages are used the most and whether any errors occur. Information collected by these cookies is aggregated and thus can’t be used to identify a particular user.
Functionality cookies This category of cookies is used so that the website can remember the choices you make and provide you with the personalized features, such as weather reports or traffic info based on your location. This information also includes any customization of the website interface, such as changes in fonts, text size, etc. The information collected by these cookies can’t be used to track your activity on other websites and might be anonymised.
Targeting/advertising cookies This category of cookies is used to deliver customized advertisements. These cookies can also be used to regulate the number of times you see a specific ad or analyse the marketing campaign effectiveness.

Types of Cookies by behaviour.

Persistent Cookies. These cookies remain in your device and are reactivated once you visit the Website. You can remove them manually or wait until they expire after a certain period of time specified in the cookie file.

Session Cookies. Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies are only used when you use the website and are deleted once you close the browser or leave the website.

Cookies Used by the Website.

Cookie Name Expiration Owner Party? Reason for Use Classification
_ga 2 years Google To distinguish users. Performance cookie
_gat 1 minute Google To throttle request rate. Performance cookie
_gid 24 hours Google To distinguish users. Performance cookie
_hjIncludedInSample 1 year Hotjar To distinguish users. Performance cookie